About Me

I was blessed and fortunate to have been born into a loving Christian home. I have one sibling, a brother four years younger than me.
I attended a Christian school all but three years when I was growing up, and I have many wonderful memories.

I can’t ever remember a time that I didn’t know about God. Some of my earliest memories are of being curled up in my mom’s lap as she read Bible stories to me from our big red illustrated Children’s Bible.
I’ve had many Bibles since then, but that very first one my mom read to me holds a special place in my heart.

My husband is a pastor, and we've been in our current pastorate since 2003. Our daughter, Katie, graduated from our church's Christian school.  Since I'm the secretary, I was blessed to be with my daughter every day.

Two of my favorite things to do are to sing and play the piano. My mom was my first piano teacher, and I can remember days when I would complain about having to practice. Mom's usual answer was, "Well, you might grow up and marry a preacher someday, so you need to know how to play the piano." And she was right! It has come in quite handy over the years in different churches we've pastored.

We have a very simple lifestyle, living within our means and saving money where we can. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Please come back anytime. God bless you!