Monday, March 29, 2010


My daffodils are now blooming! I'm glad I took this picture before all the rain. They look a little sad now.

This is my forsythia bush in the backyard. It's always so pretty every year.

I'll try to post some more pictures when other things start to bloom.
I hope you all will have a wonderful week!



  1. Yellow and green are so pretty together aren't they. Nice pics. ♥sandie

  2. so bright and springlike! I like the forsythia bush, so very colorful! we had them in Montana and Oregon, but for some reason I haven't seen them here in Southern California. It is always so fun to see the plants and flowers bloom again after the winter season


  3. Beautiful pictures and blog you have! Glad I found you & will be back soon to read and see more! :-) ~ Coreen

  4. Oh, such beautiful flowers Melanie! I guess you're starting to get some warmer weather back there too. Thanks for sharing your touch of Spring.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful! I have a forsythia bush, too, but I can never get it to bloom. I have had it for years and years, and it has never fully bloomed--just a few blooms here and there. It must need something that it's not getting.

  6. I love the yellow and these two are the early bloomers and I don't have either one in my yard.
    This year I am going to plant them so next year I can enjoy them.

  7. i want to play forsythia bushes! they are so beautiful.

  8. Glad you took pictures before all the rain.
    Now you can enjoy them forever!
    (and so can we)

  9. Happy Easter Melanie to you and your family! Your flowers are pretty, I just love those daffodils this time of year. I posted a quick little Easter post for my bloggy friends...still on break though lol:)

  10. Mel, I Love that yellow bush. Very pretty, and bright


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