Monday, May 24, 2010

If I Were A...

I've been tagged by my daughter, Katie, to answer these questions...

If I were a...

Month: October. The heat and humidity of summer are going away.

Time of Day: In the evening after supper when the family is relaxing. :)

Season: Fall. I love the leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, etc. I'm also looking forward to Winter.

Planet: Earth! Where all my friends and family live! :)

Direction: I'm pretty content here in the Mid-Atlantic, but if I had to choose another place to go it would be northwest. I've always wanted to see places like Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Tree: Definitely pine!!! I love the smell of pine. I think they're beautiful covered with snow. It also reminds me of a beautiful Christmas tree.

Animal: Cute, furry, purring kitten!

Musical instrument: Piano - the only instrument I can play. I love the sound.

Fruit: Orange. Orange juice is my morning 'coffee'. :)

Food: Anything Italian.

Color: Blue. It's such a calm, peaceful color. :)

Book: The Bible, of course. But, I also like the historical books about the westward pioneers.

Song: Amazing Grace

Flower: Lilac. I think it has such a beautiful fragrance.

Facial Expression: Smile, of course!! :)

Have a great week!


  1. love your answers. have a good day

  2. I like the time of day that you wanted to be. I always enjoyed that time when everyone was home relaxing and spending time together :)

    very nice answers :)

    I hope you get to see Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado some day. All are beautiful states!


  3. How fun. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Enjoyed reading...have a good week. Trish

  5. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Very insightful. Hopefully, you will be blessed by my writings.
    God Bless, Bob West


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