Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Fun!

We took some of the school kids on a field trip yesterday, and we all had a lot of fun. This is always one of my favorite field trips. I love Fall, and I enjoy looking at all the pretty decorations.
We were greeted by this guy. Isn't he cute??

First, we took a hayride to the pumpkin patch so we could all get a pumpkin. The kids ran all over the field to find the 'perfect' one!

Then they went through the maze. That's not one of my favorite parts of the trip, but they seem to like it. I just get lost!

After the maze, they went on the pedal tractors. Here's Katie getting ready to ride. :)

My husband had a good time too. :)

Finally, we stopped off at the gift shop before we went home. They always have such pretty and yummy things for sale. I don't usually buy a lot here, but I do enjoy looking!

The school year has started off well. I stay very busy with it, so it's nice to have a 'fun day' every now and then.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. :)

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  1. it lookis like a fun day. i would esp. like to dothe pedal tractor. if i lived near you, i would want to help, sneaky way to be a kid. have a good evening rose

  2. Looks like an awesome field trip and a gorgeous day. Glad your husband had fun too.

  3. You had a beautiful day for the field trip! It looks like everyone had so much fun. Fall is my favorite time of year too. :)

  4. How fun! :O) Katie has grown SO much and her hair has gotten so long. What a little beauty! :)
    Loving the Fall weather here, too. We're actually having Fall weather, YAY!

    Have a blessed week my friend,

  5. This trip rocks! I love the hay man and the smiling barn. Katie looks just like you!

  6. What a wonderful autumn day. My children would have loved that field trip.
    Lots of fun enjoying the great weather.

    Have a wonderful week.

  7. It looked like a great day and so much fun. Gee Katie is growing up. And even your husband got to go. Did school close or did you take everyone? Have you gotten your pumpkin yet? Love, sandie

  8. I'm sure the kids loved going on a trip to the pumpkin you I enjoy looking at all the crafts that people enjoy making.....I got a kick out of the barn with its face. Trish

  9. Hey Melanie!

    I just love the hay man that greeted you when you got there! I'd love to do one of those in our yard. We do have the round bales of hay out in our field right now. It is just too cute!

    My son would love those tractors! I better not let him see those or he will want one! lol He loves riding things like that.

    Looks like everyone had a great time!

    Have a Great Day!

  10. now that looks like fun! I bet it was a blast looking at the kids trying to find the right pumpkin, Melanie. I'm with you on corn mazes, I'm always getting lost too; all the stalks look the same :) I'm usually the one that is trying to find the short cuts out of them. glad you had a fun day and that the school year is going well!


  11. Hi Melanie I see your daughter is the same age as Morgan my gd. That is a great age, but wish Morgan didn't have the cell phone her mom gave her. It's been a bit of a problem since she is texting all day long.
    Your trip looks fabulous. I plan on going to the pumpkin farm with my daughter and boyfriend and kids soon. But we have to wait till the end of October it's a bit warm yet. We have chilly nights and mornings and the afternoons are warm.
    Looking at your photos makes me want a apple pie or caramel apple!
    Your husband does look like he is having a lot of fun. Good for him and Katie.
    Have a super fun fall Wednesday and may it be a day of great blessings from the good Lord above.
    Big hugs

  12. That is a really nice pumpkin patch! We have to take quite a drive to get to one that nice. It looks like everyone had a great time.

  13. This looks like a lot of fun. I love the fall - such a great time of year to be outside!


  14. (*~*)...looks like so much fun!..field trips for kids,is such a great learning tool!Great pic's,I felt as if I was on the field trip too!

    Thanks for visiting LazonLoblolly!

  15. Hi Melanie,
    It looks like you had wonderful day! How fun to have a maze and hay rides...not to mention all the pumpkins. That barn photo is so cute! Thank you for sharing all your photos.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  16. Hey Melanie -

    I love all the decorations and the tractors are so cool! I really like JD tractors. Fall is also my favorite time of the year. Your fall background here on your blog is very pretty too!! :-)

    Have a good weekend!!!!!!

  17. I'm back read your comment re my post re crying. letting go of tears is not a weakness and can help. rose

  18. Oh Melanie...such a fun time you all must have had! Your pictures are so fun to look at! I love the gift shop with the red and white country looking! Thank you for sharing your fall day! Simple blessings for your week ahead! ♥ Teri

  19. What a great time for everyone! Looks like the weather cooperated! Being able to get away from school for a day is good for everyone. I love being able to see the students in a different environment.

  20. I love going to pumpkin patches :) One of my cousins runs one,and we have so much fun at it :)
    Thanks for sharing the photos :)

  21. That looks so much fun.
    Love the photos


  22. This does look like a fun place to visit. I am wanting to visit a farmer's market soon, too. I love looking at all the pumpkins and the smell of the pies and everything baking in the bake shop! Hope you have a terrific week! Karen

  23. What a fun day!

    That's one thing I forgot to plant this year ...PUMPKINS! (And they are one of my favorite things!)

  24. Looks like such a fun field trip!! I love pumpkin patches!

  25. we are taking Jacob to a corn maze tonight lol I will,take you some photos Mel :)

  26. Thanks Melanie for stopping over...Roanoke is an awesome area...I can see why you love it so...I would go back in a heart beat. In fact I would love to buy a log cabin up there someday:)

  27. I absolutely love fall and I can tell from these pictures (and story) that you do to! So glad you had a fun time!!

  28. thanks for your comment on my post re the horses. will try this week to go and see them. have a great day. rose


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