Saturday, May 7, 2011

~Happy Mother's Day~

Last year for Mother's Day,
I showed you one of the sweet things
Katie had made for me.

Well, she painted and decorated
this little wooden heart for me too.
I think she did a beautiful job.

I'm sure you will agree
there's something very special
about gifts that children
make themselves. :)


I love being a mom,
and I'm so thankful
to have such a
great daughter.


Happy Mother's Day
to MY mom as well.
She's so sweet and wonderful,
and always there for us.

I hope all you moms
will have a wonderful day.



  1. That heart is gorgeous, she did a very meticulous job! It reminds me of the song "I Don't Have A Wooden Heart". But now you do! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Melanie. I hope you have a wonderful day! Katie did such a wonderful job ~ the heart she made for you is beautiful!

  3. Oh, Melanie, this is just so special! Bless her heart...she just seems like such a sweetie pie! I have all sorts of "Treasures" around the house that my sons have made me over the years. Some of the most precious are their homemade cards...boys have the most unique sense of humor!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow...there is just something so wonderful about being a mom!
    With love,

  4. Katie did a fantastic job. Love it. Happy Mother's Day to you too! sandie

  5. What a cute heart! It came out great! Katie is very talented!! I hope you have a wonderful mother's day tomorrow Melanie!! I'm sure that will include a call to your mom to wish her one too!

    enjoy the day!


  6. Hi Melanie,
    The heart Katie made you is beautiful. Your daughter is so sweet! I still have the things my daughter's made me for Mother's Day when they were growing up. They are items to treasure. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! :)

  7. Dear Melanie...such a precious, so pretty! Sweetest blessings for your Mother's Day! Hugs ♥ Teri

  8. What a wonderful gift! Happy Mother's Day!

  9. I do agree with you. What your children make for you will always be most special of any thing you could get. Trish

  10. Yes, it's just very special when the children create their own gift for you! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. Took my Mom to breakfast Saturday at the Golden Corral - Frances to lunch at our daughter's home yesterday. Great time with the kids and grands and great-grands.

  11. Very pretty heart! Something to treasure for a long long time.


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