Friday, May 20, 2011

Just A Fun Day

My husband and I took some of the school kids on a field trip Wednesday. It was raining in the morning, but thankfully it didn't last long. We went to a park and grilled some hotdogs and hamburgers at the beach, then took the kids for a walk on one of the trails. Everything was so pretty and green, and I made sure I took some pictures so you could see what things look like in our part of the world. :)

There was mountain laurel everywhere.
It was beautiful.

We saw lots of pretty ferns too.

The trail ended at this pretty little lake,
complete with lily pads.
That's mountain laurel blooming all around.

This little lizard blended in so well,
we almost missed it!

This was our group.
They always keep us on our toes!!

This is something interesting
we saw while we were eating lunch.
The one on the right is a stuffed animal, and
the one on the left was a guy dressed up in
some kind of big foot suit.
Someone was on the shore taking pictures of them.
I have no idea what it was all about,
but we thought it was funny.
I wanted to get a better picture,
but the wind was so strong
that it kept blowing them back to shore.

I hope you all have had a good week. We only have two weeks of school left, and I am so happy about that! I always enjoy summer break. :)
Have a great weekend.

Take care,


  1. I enjoyed hearing about your day and seeing the pictures. I'm sure the kids had a great time! I love walking on trails and being in the great outdoors. It's so beautiful. I hope you have a nice weekend!! ~Karen

  2. Good Morning Mrs. Melanie,

    I really enjoyed the pictures. The one of the guy and the big stuffed animal in the paddle boat (I think it's a paddle boat) was great. The photo, for some reason, reminded me of summers at the camp my aunt and uncle partially own. Dan, Sam, our cousin Ryan, and myself, would take our kayaks and paddle out to this small island not too far from the shore (about 1/2 mile). One year (I believe it was the summer of my cousin Shawn's wedding) we went out to the island and left our kayaks on the shore. We were not paying attention to them and the tide took them out. I believe Dan swam out and grabbed one so we could get the others. Good times.

    I'm glad it only rained in the morning so you could go on the trip. It has been raining on and off here since Sunday. :(

    Hope you and your family have a great day.


  3. Oh Melanie - looks like you all had a great time. I didn't realize that you were so close to a beach - that is wonderful all by itself.

    Lots of pretty pictures and flowers.

    Did Katie go?

    The kids had a good time too - I'm sure. Don't know what that was in the paddle boat - lol.


  4. Dear Melanie...such a fun time for everyone. So many things to do and see! Thank you for sharing! I remember back to the field trips...when our son was in school...the parents always had fun and learned from these trips as well as the children. Many times we would have a picnic lunch...such memories! Weekend blessings ♥ Teri

  5. Beautiful photos Melainie. It looks like a lovely place to visit. I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves very much. Thank you for sharing your day!

    I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  6. Looks like so much fun Melanie. I bet those kiddos did keep you on your toes. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. what a pretty place to go for an outing like this Melanie!! I can imagine that walk was a big hit for all! that lizard looked different than the lizards we have here as far as the coloring! So is it a beach with a lake or the ocean?

    so good for only two more weeks of school! That's how long the kids have here too (not that I have any more kids in school) but I did see it announced on marquees when the last day was. Should be a good relaxful fun summer for you I imagine!


  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your outing! I love the mountains this time of year because of all the new growth, buds, trees, and flowers that bloom.

  9. Dear Melanie,

    What a fun day! I always enjoy a day spent outdoors...and when you add children into the equation...well, that just about makes it perfect! I love the must have been so surprised to see the "boaters" out on the water. Sounds like it would make a great writing assignment (just what were those two up to anyway?)???

    Hope you all are having a very blessed weekend!

  10. Hi Melanie what a lovely time you had with the kids, I love nature walks and that looks really fun. I'm sorry I missed going>>>>
    Your background is so pretty. I'm so glad that the end of the school year is ending so you can have some time for some things you might enjoy to do, like some cross stitch or whatever it is you love. It's nice to have breaks. Have a great weekend. Hugs

  11. Hi Melanie,
    I have tried a few times to leave you a message with my wordpress account here, but it keeps giving me a invalid ID message. So I have decided to try leaving it some other ways and see if I can get this to work. Hmmmm...
    Well, I am very glad I found your blog!! I am so glad to have found MBAG and met you, I look forward to getting to know you better and becoming great friends!!
    Here is the link to mine:

    Kelly M.

  12. So nice to be back visiting you again, Melanie!! I have never seen mountain laurel, though we live in the mountains! The surfboard thing is hilarious!! Thank you so much for your prayers and kind comments, my friend!

  13. Love the photos, ewwww what kind of lizzard was that?


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