Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Anniversary and a Little Reminiscing

Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday. You're so wonderful. Lee enjoyed reading them too. We had a very nice anniversary.

One of the families from our church offered to take Katie for the evening. They also gave us some money so we could go out to eat. They're such a sweet family. Katie had a great time. They all went swimming at a nearby lake, then they went back to their house for supper. When we went to pick Katie up last night, she was worn out.

Lee and I went to a nearby seafood restaurant. We hadn't been there in a while, and were disappointed to find that the prices had risen considerably! It's under new ownership now, so not only were the menus new, the prices were too! The food was delicious though, so that was good, and we really took our time enjoying it because it will probably be a long time before we're there again!

We thought it was funny when we gave each other our cards...we had each gotten the same card! I just told him that great minds think alike. Has that ever happened to any of you?


While Lee was reading my post and the comments, we got to reminiscing about the day we were married, and what a day it was! The ceremony went well and without any problems, but it was the hours before that were crazy!

While I was putting in my contacts that morning, one of them ripped! That was back in the day when you only got one pair of contacts. Nowadays with disposable lenses, I usually get about six pair, so it's not as critical if one tears or gets lost. Thankfully the eye doctor's office was open, so Mom went and picked up a new one for me. God bless my mom. She's so sweet.

Then someone called to say Lee had a migraine and was very sick with it. By noon he was feeling a little better, and said he thought he would be able to make it. The wedding was at 2:00PM, so that cut it quite close, but he made it!

People asked me if I was nervous, and I can honestly say I wasn't. I just remember walking into the church sanctuary and looking to make sure Lee was standing. I felt so bad for him. When we cut the cake at the reception, he was still a little queasy, and I remember him telling me to give him a little piece of cake, just enough to get a picture, so that's what I did.


Just a little note about our wedding picture - my mom made my veil, and I thought she did a beautiful job. When we priced them, they were about $100! Unbelievable! She was able to make it for about $15...quite a difference! She also did all the flowers. She's very talented, and I just think it's very special that my mom made my veil and bouquet.

When we were pastoring our first church, there was a fellow in our church who refurbished old and broken furniture, so my husband bought a curio cabinet from him. It's went with us in all our moves since then, and has always held the same things - our wedding pictures, my bouquet, Lee's boutonniere, our communion tray and glass (we took communion during the ceremony), and a porcelain bell that Lee's great-aunt beautifully hand-painted for us. It's our special little cabinet.

Once again, thank you for your sweet comments. I always enjoy hearing from you. :)
Hope you're all having a great week! Thanks for stopping by.

Take care,


  1. We were married at 2:00 also! Oh that must have been hard for him with a migraine. I whacked my head getting into the car leaving my house but thankfully didn't get a migraine!
    I have an old china cabinet (maybe a curio, not sure) that was from my parents' house. It was there when they moved in. I keep all my special things in there too :)
    Glad you had a lovely dinner out.

  2. Oh Melanie...such sweet nice that you shared the happenings of your special day! the time does go by so quickly! Sweetest blessings to you both! Hugs ♥ Teri

  3. I have so enjoyed reading your wedding day memories, what woman doesn't like wedding stories!!! After reading about your mom, I went back and enlarged your wedding picture. The veil is beautiful and very fancy, and the flowers also, she is talented!!

  4. This was such a sweet post and how blessed you were that your mom made your veil and did the flowers. I think that is just awesome!

  5. We were also married at 2pm. I think my primary reason was so we wouldn't need to serve a full meal! hahaha I was already quite frugal then. :-)

    I had a bad headache at the end of the reception so before we left for our honeymoon, I took tylenol and drank quite a bit of water as I hadn't drank or eaten much that day. Anyways... apparently I drank so much water that we stopped for at least 3 potty breaks on the just over 1 hour drive to where we were staying that night. Andy was starting to wonder what was up with that. LOL. We still laugh about it!

    I loved hearing about your wedding. That's so neat that your mom was able to do all that for you. Personal touches are so special at a wedding!

    So glad you had such a nice anniversary. That's awesome about the cards-- you must be starting to think alike which I'm sure is a good sign.:-)

  6. Melanie those are the days when weddings were really weddings. I watch these silly shows on tv now - they spend $70K - can you believe that - it is a small house!

    I love the veil your mother made and the nice home made touches - that is what it is all about!

    Same card - so sweet.

  7. so neat that you and your hubby could spend some time together on your anniversary and Katie was able to enjoy time with friends! Glad you guys did do something special for it too with going out to eat! 20 year anniversaries are very special ones!!

    Loved to read about your memories from your wedding day; poor hubby though with the migraine! Of all the days to get one!

    Our church, which was supposed to be opened by 1 o'clock for our 2 o'clock wedding wasn't. Those were the days before cell phones so I had to go to find a pay phone to call hubby who had the number of the church to call and see what was going on. But it all worked out and the wedding started relatively on time :)


  8. Hi Melanie,
    What sweet memories from your wedding! Your mother did a beautiful job with your veil and bouquet. Poor hubby though! I'm glad you enjoyed a nice anniversary dinner together. That's so cute about the cards! The curio cabinet sounds lovely that holds all your special wedding items. :)

    I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful July 4th weekend!!


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