Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Hodgepodge Post

Hi, everyone!
We are out of school for the summer, and have had some very nice weather. I'm sure there are some who would disagree, but I would love for it to be in the 70's all summer! We've been enjoying our blueberry bushes, and I think the birds have been sneaking some too!
When our family moved here, we bought a doublewide that needed a LOT of fixing up! It was almost the only thing in our price range - we've put a lot of work into fixing and replacing things as we've been able to afford it.
Our home has popcorn ceilings throughout, which can be a huge pain to paint! The previous owners were smokers, so some of the ceilings were very dingy. We've painted some of them, but still have some more to do. Most of the advice I could find online about painting our type of ceiling has been to use a paint sprayer. My husband ordered a refurbished one from ebay, so we're waiting on it to arrive. I am really hoping it will work better than painting with a roller.
Katie has been enjoying her summer so far. Our next door neighbors have a daughter a year older than Katie, and they've been busy doing something almost every day.

I want to thank Amber for sending me this versatile blogger award! I'm supposed to tell you five random things about myself, so here goes!
1. I have one sibling, a brother four years younger than me.
2. I am a cat lover! I have two. One is so sweet and loveable, the other one is the reason a lot of people don't like cats!
3. I hate the sound of cracking knuckles!
4. I sing and play the piano, and have done so just about as long as I can remember. I may have told you this before, but I can remember when I was growing up, sometimes I would complain about practicing the piano. Most of the time, my mom's response was, "Well, you might grow up and marry a preacher, and need to know how to play the piano." And that's exactly what happened!
5. I love American history!
I'm going to pass this award along to my daughter,Katie.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you about a wonderful devotional I found on Amazon called A Gentle Spirit. I have had it for a while now, and I'm really enjoying it.

Take care,


  1. It is so good to hear from you! I like learning more about you - I hate cracking knuckles too. Congrats on your award. I have that dreaded popcorn ceiling too and it is coming off in bits and pieces in the garage - yesterday I had to sweep my car roof. Glad to hear Katie is doing well too! Love, sandie

  2. School is out for me also. Yesterday I went back in for an IEP meeting. It was great to learn more about you. Thank you for sharing the devotional. I love the title.

  3. Congrats Melanie. We have a couple more weeks of school here although we are on a relaxed schedule and finishing up our work. 70s are hot enough for me :)

  4. Hi Melanie,
    What a fun and interesting post.
    I love knowing little tid bits about people...things they wouldn't just come out and say or write a post about -- THANKS FOR SHARING.


  5. 7O'S WOULD BE PREFECT FOR ME TOO. Good luck with those ceiling I have painted my share of them.Congrats on your award.

  6. Enjoyed this post. Congrats on your award.

  7. Good to hear from you again! I'm liking the bloggy background.

    Enjoy your summer. Painting. ;) hopefully it won't take that long.

    I like the story about the piano - marrying the preacher part. Cute.

  8. So nice to find out more about the person behind the blog! I play the piano and love cats also! It's so nice to have a friend in the neighborhood for your daughter. I'm sure she will enjoy her summer!

  9. Enjoy your summer. It will fly by quickly. Good to hear from you again. Good luck with the ceilings.


  10. Blueberries are my favorite berry along with strawberries as a tie. :) So glad you are enjoying your summer!

  11. I would not like the popcorn ceiling either! Hope you get the spray paint thing soon so you can get the ceilings looking pretty. I play the piano also! And my dad was a pastor, so I understand why your mom would say that to you. I'm sure your church congregation appreciates a pastor's wife who can play and sing! Your trip to Washington looks nice. We went a few years ago and had a great visit! Enjoy your day!

  12. I think if we were neighbors we would be best friends, we certainly love the same things great getting to know you a little better.... come for tea.

  13. We are in the same boat with fixing up our places! I hope the sprayer works out for you too. Congratulations on a good deal with your home. Yep, I guess it's good James isn't called to preach as I don't play piano. I hear that alot about preacher's wives somehow needing to know the piano... Have a great day in the Lord!

  14. congrats on your award. i love learning more about fellow bloggers!


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