Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Little of This 'n That

Hi, everyone! I hope you're all having a good week!

Spring is in full swing around here. This is a picture I took yesterday of our azalea bush next to the driveway. I think azaleas are just so pretty.

Things here are going pretty well, just really busy. We have about a month left of school, so we've been getting things ready for our banquet and graduation.

Katie has had a good school year. She's 15 now and finishing 9th grade. Time certainly flies! We're so proud of her.

She's planning to go with one of our local churches on a missions trip to Mexico and Guatemala in August. We went through the passport application process earlier this week, and she should have her passport in a month or two. She's so excited to be going, and I pray it will be a good experience for her. Her group will be fundraising almost every weekend this summer, but I think it's good that they work to earn their funds.

We helped some friends of ours move over the weekend, and it really got me motivated to go through our own stuff and get rid of it! I've filled three big trash bags for Goodwill. It's amazing how quickly stuff can accumulate!
I'll probably work on the garage next, but not until I set off some bug bombs. I hate to be surprised by those huge spiders!! Yikes!

I haven't updated on Tanya in a while, but she is doing much better! They started her on a 4th type of chemo, and it seems to be working well. Her tumors have shrunk about 50% and she's having more energy. She did say the other day that more cancer was found in her arm, so she's getting treatment for that. We're all encouraged by the news, and are just continuing to pray for her. Thank you so much for your prayers.

I'm glad you stopped by today. I so enjoy reading your comments, and having my own little set of friends here in the blogosphere. Y'all are awesome!♥

Take care,


  1. Hi Melanie...oh my, your weather sounds so nice. We had pretty weather yesterday ... today we have had rain, freezing rain, sleet and now it is snowing ... so hard to believe at this time of the year. Such a blessing that Tanya is doing better! I will continue to pray for her! It sounds like Katie has a lot to look forward to this summer! Blessings ♥ Teri

  2. Hi, Teri~
    Wow, sleet and snow in May?! I'm sure that must have been a surprise for you!
    Thank you so much for praying for Tanya. We're so thankful she's doing better, and I appreciate your continued prayers for her.
    Yes, Katie is looking forward to her summer. She has a busy one coming up.
    Hope you and your family are all doing well.
    Hugs to you!♥ Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Your azalea bush is beautiful. Time sure does go by so fast. Kids seem to grow up before you realize it.


  4. Hi Melanie. How exciting that your daughter will be going to Mexico and Guatemala on Missions! So glad to hear Tanya is doing well with her chemo. treatments.
    Your azaleas are beautiful. I love them too :)

  5. I love Katie's picture on the fence, and the shadow of the fence as well. I bet she is REALLY excited about her trip. So glad about Tanya!

  6. Hi, Melanie! Your azalea bush is so pretty! Kids surely do grow up way too quickly! That is a beautiful picture of Katie. She will have an exciting summer for sure! So glad to hear some good news about Tanya.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  7. That is wonderful news about Katie, hope she enjoys the mission trip. Praying for Tanya.

  8. Hi, Vicki~
    Yes, kids grow up so quickly. We try to make the most of all the time we have with her. She's really looking forward to her trip. She took the picture herself with the timer on her camera. She is great with photography. We're just going to keep praying for Tanya. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Kids do grow up fast don't they - wow - 15 already. Andy is 12. And I will pray that she has a great trip where she will have a great and safe time. sandie

  10. Enjoyed reading your post this morning. I too love azaleas. Yes, kids grow up too fast - our first born turned 55 this month! Our youngest child's oldest is having a baby in August. That will be great-grand number 12 for us! Wonderful shot of Katie on the fence. Sorry about your friend Tanya. May the Lord give complete healing to her.


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