Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Hodgepodge

Hi, everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Things are good here, just busy as usual! School started on Tuesday, so we're trying to get back into the swing of things.

These are some pictures from Katie's missions trip. They ministered to over 2,500 people and reported 328 salvations! It was a great experience for her. It definitely made her appreciate the little comforts we tend to take for granted!
They took bucket showers and slept on floats while they were in Mexico. They went from one little town to another doing dramas, and would talk to people and pray with them through translators.
She stayed at a Christian college while they were in Guatemala, so she actually had a bed and running water there. They ministered to school children during that part of their trip.
She said the people were very friendly, receptive, and hospitable- willing to share whatever they had.

Katie is the one in the green shirt.
The missions team

My mom made this beautiful quilt and entered it into the West Virginia State Fair last month. She worked on it about three years. Isn't it beautiful?! She won second place for it. I didn't see the first place winner's quilt, but I can't imagine it being more beautiful than Mom's. This is a stack and whack quilt. Everything about it is just so pretty!

Katie started 10th grade on Tuesday. Oh my, how time flies!

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh my goodness Katie lost her baby looks and is the image of a beautiful teen!

    And the trip looked marvelous - so glad she is back safe.


  2. Dear Melanie...such a lovely post!

    My, Katie is such a pretty young lady! Katie's trip was quite a learning experience and such a blessing for so many!

    Your mom's quilt is so pretty! Congratulations to her!

    Sweetest Blessings ♥ Teri

  3. So nice to have you stop by, Teri! Thank you for your sweet compliments. We love our sweet Katie immensely.♥ It's hard to believe she's already in 10th grade! Their trip was very good and, most importantly, fruitful! We're so thankful to hear of so many salvations!
    Mom worked on her quilt for so long. It's so pretty, the picture really doesn't do it justice. I was very happy for her. One of her dearest friends has been telling her for years to enter one of her quilts! :-)
    I hope you have a great week! Hugs♥

  4. I never heard of Stack and Wack, it sounds like a kid's game! The quilt is so beautiful, I don't know how she could let it go after it being such a part of her life for those years. Well, I guess I am talking about it like it is a person! Katie is so gorgeous! The first two pictures are stunning!!

  5. Good Morning Melanie!

    It is so amazing how quickly the summer flew by! I'm praying for a wonderful year for both you and Miss Katie...what a lovely young lady she is growing up to be!

    Thank you for sharing your summer... your mom's quilt is so beautiful! Someone must have made a mistake...definitely a first placer!

    I'm so glad that Katie got a chance to go on this mission will be an experience she will never forget. I'm sure that she did a lot of growing this summer...

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  6. Hi, Laura!

    Yes, it IS amazing how quickly summer flew by! I'm hoping to get out some fall decorations this time of year!♥

    One of my mom's friends said the first place quilt wasn't nearly as pretty as Mom's. I agree...I think someone made a mistake. :-)

    Katie had such a great time, a wonderful learning experience for her.

    Hope you have a great week! hugs♥

  7. Wonderful post Melanie! What an experience for Katie. Your Mother's quilt is stunning, I don't quilt but admire those that do, such a labor of love.

  8. Thanks for sharing Melanie. God has promised that His word would never return void. Praise the Lord for victories.

    Pretty pictures.


  9. Wow, I cannot believe how grown up Katie looks. Well, it's only been 10 years since I last saw her. Glad she is home safe and sound.

    Love your mom's quilt.

  10. I know, Cheri! I feel the same way about your kids! It's hard to believe how quickly time seems to go by. I've never even met your three youngest girls, but I feel like I know them just from your blog. :-)

  11. Really enjoyed the pictures, awesome. Katie is beautiful. Wish you much success with school this year.

  12. Great pictures! So glad to hear Katie's mission trip went well! Such a beautiful picture of Katie! I hope you both have a wonderful school year.


  13. Hi Melanie,
    Katie is a beautiful young lady! It sounds like her mission trip was a good experience for her. It is usually an eye opening experience to travel to other places in the world. I'm thankful it went well! I enjoyed the pictures.

    Congratulations to your mother on her quilt! It is so beautiful!

    I hope you and Katie have a good school year this year. And I hope you are doing well! :)


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