Friday, February 14, 2014

A Snowy Valentine's...

 ...yesterday afternoon

...last night

I got my camera and went out for a little walk around our house this morning.
footprints  :-)
Our backyard...

Care to swing?

Or hang some clothes?

One of our Rose of Sharon bushes

  I love snow covered fences.♥

  a little stream behind our house

  The snow from the trees was melting and dropping in the water. 
You can see the little ripples.

So pretty with the sun shining through the trees

 Such a funny doggie we have. Lilly *loves* the snow! 
When there's snow outside, she's scratching to go out about every hour so she can play.
That is one spoiled pup right there!

Katie made this sweet wreath. I just love it!
 I baked the dough hearts. She did the rest.

I hope you're all having a happy Valentine's Day. 
Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Take care,


  1. Dear Melanie ... your snow pictures are so pretty! I absolutely adore your heart wreath! Happy Valentine's Day my sweet friend! Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

  2. Thank you, Teri! I know a lot of people don't like snow, but I just love to get out and walk around in peaceful to me.
    Didn't Katie do a great job on the wreath?! I was impressed!
    I hope you've had a nice Valentine's Day.
    Hugs, my sweet friend!♥

  3. Aw! It looks so peaceful and pretty.

    Happy Birthday to Katie!

  4. Thanks, Cheri! Katie's grown up some since you saw her last, hasn't she?! ;-) Hope y'all are doing well. We miss you guys.♥

  5. Pretty snow pictures Melanie. Your dog is funny rolling in the snow.

    Cute wreath too

    Happy heart day.

  6. Beautiful photos! I've heard it's been a long winter back there, and we've had the mildest one in years. My kids have been complaining about not having any snow, lol. Thank you for the sweet message welcoming me back to blogland :)

  7. Hi, Marcia,
    Yes, it has been a very snowy winter here this year! Maybe your kids will have a better winter next year. :-)
    I love snow, so I've really enjoyed this one!


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