Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun, Family, and Fireworks!

We had a great day yesterday. We had a church picnic after the service and just enjoyed some good food and fellowship.
When it got dark, we went downtown to see the fireworks. To be such a small town, they sure can put on a beautiful fireworks display! The only problem is that when SO many people pack themselves in such a small space, it can take quite a while to get out of town when the fireworks are finished. Thankfully, it only took us about 20 minutes to get out of town last night. We were surprised!

These are a couple pictures of the fireworks last night.
You have to click at just the right second or you miss them.
You're either too early or too late!

This is the anniversary card Katie made for Lee and me. It is a BIG card! I had to set it on the floor to take a picture of it. She spent all day making it! She had written little notes and a poem, and had drawn pictures on the inside for us. She is such a sweetheart.
Lee and I had a very nice anniversary. Katie has youth group on Tuesday nights, so since she was there, we decided to go to one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We don't normally get desserts when we go out to eat, but we even splurged and split a chocolate cannoli. It was so good!

One of our church families went away for the weekend, and asked Katie if she'd like to go along. She had a great time hiking and swimming. We really missed her, but she's back home now, and all is well.

Lots of great memories made!
Have a wonderful week! :)



  1. Yup, yesterday was a lot of fun! I loved the fireworks!
    And, I had so much with the family from church! But, sadly, I had to miss the church picnic, but at least I got to see the fireworks.
    And, I'm glad you liked my card!

    Katie :)

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by some very deserving people! Happy Anniversary (late) and God bless for many more years your marriage and family!

    ((((Hugs)))) and love to my friend,

  3. Hi Melanie ~ Such a fun 4th of July celebration! The anniversary card that Katie made is so special...looks as if she put a lot of time and effort into making it just right! Hugs ~ Teri

  4. Hi Melanie,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful July 4th! Thanks for snapping pictures of the fireworks. I love fireworks, though we didn't go to see any last night. We recently saw some on our vacation, so I didn't mind missing them this weekend. The card your daughter made is so sweet...she did a great job! I'm glad you had a lovely anninversary.

    I hope you enjoy the coming week! :)

  5. happy belated anniversary Melanie and Lee. That was such a sweet card Katie made! very original and creative with it too!! I bet you will treasure it for a very long time!! sounded like you guys had a great Fourth, a good way to spend it, at church, with family/friends in fellowship among good food, and top it off with fireworks in the evening. looked like it was a very nice display too!!!


  6. Looks like fun! We had a great day too, I am sooo tired today and so are the boys.

  7. looks like a good and safe day. loved the card have a good day

  8. Happy anniversary to you and Lee. The fireworks were amazing. We didn't go this year. Sometimes it has taken us over an hour to get out of the parking lot! Glad Katie is home and all is well. sandie

  9. Happy Anniversary to you both! That was such a sweet card Katie made you, and very pretty, too. Hope you are having a good week! Karen

  10. Happy Anniversary! Glad you enjoyed your 4th of July too. Love and blessings!

  11. Happy Anniversary hope you have many more. Trish

  12. Hey Melanie!

    I came to your blog from a comment on Angela's blog. Your blog is pretty awesome too! I like all the nature pictures.... I think I'll start sticking my nose in here too!

    Take care!


  13. I tried to take fireworks photos too, and couldn't get them. That's a wonderful card. You have a sweet daughter. I'm glad you had a nice anniversary dinner. That's what we usually do for our anniversary. It's nice to go out alone once in awhile :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Happy Anniversary my friend. Love all the pics. Looks and sounds like yall had a great time. Beautiful card from your sweet daughter. Blessings,


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