Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Giveaway!

We all know that children not only outgrow their clothes and shoes, but their toys and books as well!
Katie and I have been going through her things and have given a lot of things away to family and friends, but I saved these four sweet little stories for a giveaway. They are all hardcover books in wonderful condition.
All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment telling me that you want to enter. That's it! Please make sure you leave a way for me to contact you.
I will be taking a blog break next week, but I'll be checking my comments and e-mail. I'll miss reading all your wonderful blogs, but when I return we'll see who wins!

Take care,


  1. My grandson loves to read. I love to enter.

    Thank you. Hope you are having a great day.


  2. We'd love to enter!! thank you!

    ~ Caleb and Aubrey

  3. These are excellent books! I would love to add them to my grammy collection. Thank you and Katie for sharing them!

  4. I have lots of little nieces and nephews who would love to have these books. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. I hope you are having a good week!! Thanks!

  5. Oh I would love to win! And what a sweet thing for you guys to do. I would use them for the grandbabies and also in the apartment ministry. Pick me! BTW thanks for coming by I updated my post this morning after God laid a little something on my heart. Come back over. Have a Great Day.

  6. Oh,these look wonderful and I would sure love one. I have two reasons. One is wonderful Ella, who is on today's post. She is with us several days a week. The other is our four year old granddaughter. She is from China. We are so very blessed to be part of these special little girls lives. I must admit I'm always looking for books for them, and we have three basketfulls now. What a sweet and wonderful idea to give them to your blogging friends, this is something I will have to remember for future reference for myself. Isn't it fun to win stuff?

  7. Whoops! I forgot to say that my e-mail is on my profile.

  8. Hi, Melanie~

    These are great books! Good luck with your giveaway!


  9. Fun books, wish my granddaughter were a bit younger so I could join the fun. I bought her about 6 wonderful books at the thrift store recently and she's now a happy camper.

  10. looks like good books. Have no little ones. Rose

  11. Oh a giveaway.. how grandbabys would like those. Trish

  12. Good morning Melanie,
    I am making my blog private. If you would like me to invite you here is my e-mail. I will need to put your e-mail into my permissions.
    God bless,

  13. Hi Melanie ~ We have 3 "little ones" that visit our home often and love books and love someone to read to happy they would be to have a new book waiting for them! Thank you for this sweet giveaway! Hugs ~ Teri

  14. Hello Melanie...I love books, including childrens books. Can never have enough. Whenever little ones come over, I love to read with them. And, of course, my "future" grandchildren will have whole mini-libraries from "Grammie." That's why I'd like to enter. Because I love books! Susan

  15. Hi Melanie what a sweet idea that you and Katie came up with. Those look like darling books. I bet some sweet lucky child will adore them. I love books. I hope you're having a wonderful week! big hugs

  16. Melanie, What a great giveaway. My children love books. They lay in bed at night and read:)

    Thank You so much for being such a blessing and all your prayers. Baby Boy failed another BPP. Praying this weeks test is perfect. Much Love and Blessings,

  17. A new mother of 2 beautiful Chinese daughters who loves to be read to...
    please enter me Thank you.

  18. I love little house on the Prairie , LOL Since birth Iv called Jacob Half Pint lol Oh he hates it lol


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