Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busyness and Kid Cuteness

Hi, everyone! I hope you're all doing well and having a great week.

Our weather has been cold. It was 11° here yesterday morning. I'm so glad our pipes didn't freeze! It's warmed up a little bit since then. Our forecast is for rain/snow tomorrow and Thursday. A few degrees can make a big difference! We could either get some snow or just a lot of rain. I love snow as long as I don't have to drive in it. We'll see what happens! :)

Things here have been busy! It's always this way at the end of the semester, though. I've been filling out report cards, averaging grades, and printing award certificates. They'll be handed out on Monday night, so it all has to be done by then. Thankfully, I'm almost finished.

In addition to that, one of our teachers was called back into the military this month, so we're all trying to pitch in and help out where we can. I'm so thankful for our service men and women...they sacrifice a lot.

Yes, I stay very busy, but I enjoy my job. There's never a dull moment, that's for sure! A few days ago, one of the third grade girls wrote a report about God. It wasn't an assignment or anything, it was just something she wanted to do. Her report was so sweet, I thought I'd share it with you. (I didn't fix any of her spelling mistakes. That's one of the things that makes it cute.) She's only been coming to our school for a month, and has started attending our church.

Report about God.
God created the Bible with a little bit of help. He created the world in six days. On the first day of creation God made light. And he called the light day. On the second day of Creatin God made Heven and earth. And so on. God is the king of kings. And the king is God, Because if he was in a contest I would chouse him as the king of kings, And he wold win. If God didn't egxist their would be no wold, or earth as they would call it. God is very important to all. God is afrade of nothing and all of us should be brave like him. if we can't be brave then God will fix us. He is the own that is brave. He is not afrad of a boa, Not even a gerila, Not even a fier, Not even a spider. We will not let God down. AND THAT IS ALL! Thank you.

Now, wasn't that sweet? :)

Take care,


  1. That is great! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. OH MAN!!!!! Out of the mouths of babes, Melanie! I am so glad you posted this. Many adults could take a lesson from this. I am an elder and a deacon and this child has even affected me. What I will take with me from this "We will not let God down"!!

  3. How smart our children are...and so good that they know all about God and what he can do. Trish

  4. My goodness is has been cold where you live! It's been cold here, too, but not nearly that cold! :)

    What a sweet little letter. Kids are great!

    Have a blessed rest of the week my sweet friend.

    Love you,

  5. Oh, that is sweet! We are waiting for the rain changing to snow to start tomorrow. Maybe up to 8 inches for us :)

  6. Sweet it is...that is one amazing little third grader. Thanks for sharing Melanie.

  7. Yes, it has been busy for sure!

    She is so cute! We all got a giggle after reading it. :);)

    Hugs and Smiles,
    Katie <3 :)

  8. So sweet, Melanie... Kids can say and do the greatest things... We sometimes need to have the faith and imagination of a child, don't we?????


  9. Good Morning Melanie!

    Boy, did this bring back memories! What an adorable story! Before I began homeschooling...I taught 1st and 3rd grade. The Christian School that I taught in was quite small...preschool through grade 8...does yours include high school? Sounds as though you are quite involved with your school...I am sure that is very rewarding for you!

    Hope you all have a blessed day!

  10. What a sweet and wonderful story!


  11. Now that "Report on God" was very special indeed! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. HI Melanine that is so cute what the wee one wrote. I love to read things children write and things they say. Wow it's amazingly cold there. BRRRRRRR
    Stay warm and busy! big hugs

  13. What a precious report that little girl wrote! Thank you for sharing it. You are very busy, hopefully this coming weekend will relaxing for you! Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

  14. Oh sweetie, that was simple precious. Outta the mouths of babes huh?

    We could all take a lesson from this sweet innocent gal.

    I adore kids!!!

    Enjoy your day girl and may it be richly blessed !!!! :o)

  15. That was so cute! :) She knows that she has a BIG God! Nothing better than that. Hope you guys have a great weekend. Karen

  16. You have been busy! And that report on God was precious! Have a great weekend!

  17. Great post!
    We're Blessed with a nice sunny day! :o)

  18. That little girl knows what's what! What a sweet letter.......including the spelling...

    Keep warm.....we're still heating the house and we've been in Arizona since November.

  19. Stopping by to say hello.... hope all is well.

  20. I've heard there are more winter storms headed your way. Your right snow is wonderful if you don't have to drive in it :-)
    Loved this adorable little letter!


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