Monday, April 18, 2011

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For today
...April 18, 2011

Outside my window...a beautiful spring day! It's sunny and in the 70s.

I am hearing...Katie humming. :)

I am's hard to believe this Sunday is Easter. Time just seems to fly by so fast.

I am remembering...the nice time we had at church yesterday. We had a potluck dinner after the service. Everything was decorated so pretty and the food was delicious. We're going to have to buy some more tables and chairs, but that's a good problem! We've had quite a few new families start coming to our church recently.
After the dinner, we had an Easter egg hunt for the children. I always enjoy watching them hunt for eggs...they have so much fun! :)

I am thankful... that we did not have any tornadoes in our area this past weekend. We were under a tornado watch, but nothing ever came our way. We did get a lot of rain, though.
I am also thankful Katie was safe and had a great time at her youth convention this past weekend. :)

From the kitchen...beef and cheese quesadillas and corn.

Around the the house and the garage. What a job! I have a lot to take to Goodwill and a lot to throw away.

A Scripture thought...Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
~Matthew 11:28-30

One of my favorite things...Easter. This is such a special time of year.

A few plans for the rest of the week...a ladies' meeting tonight at church, work until 3 o'clock tomorrow and Wednesday, half a day Thursday, then we will be out of school for Easter break until May 2nd! :) I have been so busy lately, I'm looking forward to a break.
We have invited one of our new church families to our house for supper on Friday night.

A picture I'm sharing this week...
The flowering cherry tree in our front yard. I think it is so beautiful!

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Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Take care,


  1. Dear Melanie,

    Oh, your flowering cherry is so beautiful! I have a flowering crab that blooms in late spring...which is really very pretty.

    I'm so thankful to hear that you all are safe after those horrific storms...we have been praying for your family. I can't imagine how devastated those poor people must feel...and especially if they don't know the Lord. We had some incredible rain and wind storms this past weekend...but nothing compared to what the rest of the country has faced.

    Glad to hear that Katie had a good must be so thankful to have her home again!

    Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

  2. Have a blessed Easter.
    I love to know Katie hmms.
    I love your verse from the Bible.
    Hope youg et some rest.
    Love, sandie

  3. Your flowering cherry tree is beautiful.

    The potluck at your church sounds nice ~ they are always fun! Needing more tables and chairs is definitely a good problem to have!

    I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!

  4. That tree is gorgeous! Dinner sounds delicious- love quesadillas :) Have a great week.

  5. Oh, you have a flowering cherry tree, so pretty!!! I hope you enjoy your break, and try and get a bit of rest, too.

  6. Oh that tree is so pretty! Sounds like you are going to have a great week!

  7. Your tree is so beautiful while it is in bloom! I think it is always great when a church is growing and new people are coming in!! I'm sure the family will enjoy having dinner with you and your family this week, Melanie!! Egg hunts are always fun too to watch; I'll be helping out at the egg hunt at our church come Easter :)

    I bet you are looking forward to your break from school. With Easter coming so late this year, I bet all are going to be glad to have a bit of a rest before the end of the school year!


  8. I always enjoy readin' your day book.

    The picture of the cherry tree is just spectacular!!! Just beautiful!

    God bless and have a glorious day!

    BTW: Happy Easter place...ya'll come!!! :o)

  9. Hi Melanie,
    Enjoyed reading your daybook. Your flowering cherry tree is so pretty! Quesadillas sound so good, haven't had them for a long time.

    I hope you have a blessed Easter, and enjoy your time off! :)

  10. Hi, Melanie~

    Your tree is GORGEOUS! They are one of my favorites. And for dinner....quesadillas....YUMMMM!

    I hope you enjoy your Easter break. Try and RELAX!



  11. Hi Mrs. Melanie,

    That cherry tree is beautiful. I cannot wait till the apple trees near our home blossom. It is still rather colorless here as far as the trees are concerned...although the grass is growing. I took care of two of my accounts for the first time this year today. I was very excited.

    I am thankful to here that you didn't get any tornadoes. Tornadoes are a rarity here in Maine (like 5 in the past 100 years!) by we do get some nasty windstorms from time to time this time of year.

    Hope you and your family are enjoying your vacation.



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