Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer This 'n That

Hello, everyone!! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Ours is going well...we're just staying busy!

We've been working on getting things ready for the upcoming school year. We'll start back the day after Labor Day. I have some friends whose children are going back the first week of August...not much of a summer break there!

Next week our church will be having VBS. Dave from Animal Alley Ministries is going to be here. We've had him a couple times before, and he does a great job with the kids. He brings all kinds of exotic animals and uses them in Bible lessons. However, when he brings out the tarantula I am GONE! After the lesson, we have volunteers who are going to help with crafts and snacks. I have great memories of VBS when I was growing up, and I hope these kids will too. :)

In other news, Katie started a Facebook page recently, so I figured I had put mine off long enough. I've had a lot of fun catching up with my friends and family that I haven't seen in years! I never really thought about how many people I knew until I started looking around. There's my friends from school, friends from different churches, and since my mom and dad both come from large families, there is no short supply of aunts and uncles and cousins! The whole process has made me feel kind of old, but everybody else is getting old along with me, so that's just the way it is, isn't it??

I hope you're all staying cool. Our temperature right now at 2:15PM is 93°, and the heat index is 112°! I hung out some clothes this morning, and it was horribly hot already. I think I'm going to put laundry off for a couple of days until this heat wave is over. Tomorrow the forecast is for 102° with a heat index of 120°. Needless to say, we are staying inside with the air conditioning!

Here are some pictures of our flowers this year. We've been enjoying them when it doesn't feel like an oven outside.

Two different colors of Rose of Sharon



This is my very special stepping stone
Katie made for me several years ago.

Our tomato plants have done really well this year. We've had a good amount of rain to keep them growing. I'm anxious for them to get ripe! One of my favorite things is a sandwich made with fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise. Mmm Mmm.

Last but not least, is there anyone else out there who understands that these next two items are absolute 'must haves' in the summertime?? Katie and I would be a miserable pair without them!
Mosquitoes just love us!
Fortunately for Lee, they mostly leave him alone.

Hope you're enjoying your summer.
Thanks for stopping by. :)

Take care,


  1. The day after Labor day is when school always started when I was going to school, and all the schools started then. But now it is so different. Most schools are starting in about two weeks, and they don't have to all start at the same time, even! Glad you are enjoying the summer and staying cool! and hopefully VBS will be in weather not this hot. I adore that stepping stone!

  2. P.S. Facebook is addictive, people are known to get into it and then stop blogging. Beware! We would hate to lose you! I am on Facebook, too, but still like blogging better!

  3. Our schools are going to start even earlier this year again. The first day is August 18th. It just isn't fair! Even with starting earlier last year they didn't get out until the same time they always did in the past.

    I've gotten some great deals on school supplies for my kids! Krogers has crayons for .25 right now. I got some extras for Operation Christmas Child boxes.

    Your flowers are beautiful! I always loved going to VBS when I was a kid too! I don't think our church will be having one this year. We lost a lot of families recently that had the kids and now there isn't many left to do it. I've not heard whether or not they are or not though.

    Stay inside! It's miserable outside!


  4. Hi Melanie,
    We are enjoying our summer too, and keeping busy! I am on FB's a good way to keep in touch with family, and friends. I hope you have a great weekend!! ☺

  5. We've been busy too. I haven't been on the computer as much :)
    I love the stepping stone. It is really hot here too, but I think you have us beat! Stay cool.

  6. At 5:30 am, it is 87* here in PA. We're seriously praying for rain. We got off of FB about a year ago. Very happy! Just TMI floating around! haha.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. This heat makes me very thankful for air conditioning! We are looking forward to VBS next week, I am sure all the kids are going to have a blast!!

  8. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends you don't get to see very often. Very addicting--but fun:) You have some of the same flowers I have the white rose of sharon and the purple one, too--plus the double daylily. I love tomato sandwiches, too--can't wait to get some good garden grown tomatoes soon. Have a great weekend! ~Karen

  9. Hi Melanie...always enjoy all that you share! It has been so very hot well. We are so thankful for our air conditioned home. It sure feels so good when coming in from being out in the heat. We were 104 degrees today...not sure about the heat index! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri

  10. Enjoy your VBS! It's a good time to have it...a lot of other churches has had theirs and you'll have a better chance for outreach.

    We have a lot of the same flowers except I don't have salvia...that I know of! LOL

    Have a blessed day tomorrow at church.

  11. Tomatoe Sandwiches just can't be beat. Our school starts earlyer this year...I don't know why. Not much kids can do in this heat anyways. Trish

  12. I've enjoyed catching up with old friends on Facebook too. It sounds like it's hotter there than it is here in the desert. We rarely have any humidity either, but of course, everything is brown instead of green in the surrounding landscape :) Very few mosquitoes though!
    Have a wonderful week. I have fond memories of VBS too.

  13. Btw, I agree with Ginny. I still like blogging better too :)

  14. ack, they seem to ignore Jeff,and Jacob ,and attack me :(

  15. I closed my facebook account ....I would rather blog lol

  16. Hi Melanie, we are enjoying the summer too. Very hot one though, hottest one I recall since living here. Enjoy what is left. Pretty flowers.

  17. I think everyone is pretty much having a really hot Summer! Most of us had a wait a little longer for Spring and then it seemed like Summer was just here overnight.

  18. Hi Melanie I love Facebook for that reason also. I have been able to get in touch with many of my Assembly of God friends from my teenage years, It's awesome. I am glad you found so many friends. I love your garden photos. I do hate spiders I have seen a tarantula before and they are pretty amazing but scary. I once held a snake in Jr. High and brought it home on Easter Vacation and my mom was not happy with me at all. I would stay and watch the tarantula just because I love watching bugs and creatures. I can imagine the wife of a Pastor would be pretty darn busy. It's hot here also. I am ready for Fall. Have a great week. Big hugs

  19. we have a stepping stone just about like yours.... my son made it in Vacation Bible School several years ago using a take-out pizza box as a mold. :)


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