Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sweet Thoughtfulness

What a blessing it is to have sweet friends and family. ♥
I would like to share how I've been a recipient of  'sweet thoughtfulness' recently.
My mom gave me these jars of yummy strawberry rhubarb jam that she made.
She actually gave me another jar too, but it's in my refrigerator right now.
This is my most favorite jam! 

She also crocheted this dish cloth for me,
 but we both agreed that it was too pretty to use for
washing dishes, so I found a great spot for it in our living room.
 She's always doing nice things for me. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful mom.♥ :-)

One of my friends came to me and said she was going to start selling Pampered Chef. She told me that she wanted to have a party and give me the merchandise credit that the hostess receives. I thought that was so thoughtful of her! These are the things I chose.

I have wanted one of these quick stir pitchers for a long time, but could never bring myself to spend the money on it. It is so nice to have! It works great for the orange juice.

I also chose a silicone oven mitt, a meat chopper, and a big draining scoop. I have been enjoying all of them very much!
The last thing I chose was the cool and serve tray.  There are two green inserts that you freeze and then put in the bottom of the tray to keep the food cooler. I haven't used it yet, but I'm sure it will be great too!

One of the girls in my Sunday School class gave this little note to me a few weeks ago. It just made my day. I have it tacked up on the bulletin board next to my computer. This little girl's dad died a few years ago and her mom has not been seen fit to care for her, so she's living with her aunt right now. She's already been through a lot in her short lifetime. She is a precious girl.

God keeps me humble though. The next Sunday, another girl in my class let me know that she thought I was having a bad hair day. LOL! Kids...they keep life interesting! 

I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers. ~Philemon 1:4

Take care and I hope you all have a great week.


  1. So many nice things from special people in your life. You are blessed!! The rhubard jam looks delicious...I like everything you were given. So sweet!

  2. Hi Melanie,

    What a great post..yummy jam, great gifts from Pampered Chef. Must have been a great party.

    And a wonderful note from Sam. She sounds very sweet. And it does just make your day. I loved teaching Sunday School. When I was a substitute teacher years ago two of my little students made me a picture and a snowflake. They were so sweet.

    I have been gone for a while w/o internet and moving so I have not been able to keep up with reading and commenting.

    I hope I can get back into the swing of things again because I have missed being here. I love the new background. :)

    Have a great week. Take care, Janet W

  3. That's a hoot about the bad hair day comment! I combed my hair the other morning (pulled it back into a ponytail as usual!), came out and the 2 yr.old kept exclaiming that I combed my hair. Nice of her to notice! LOL!!

    I love that meat chopper thing. Recently purchased one and use it a lot! One of my friends recently started selling P.C. too; I plan to host a party for her one of these days!

  4. Hi, Melanie! Such a sweet post! The strawberry rhubarb jam looks delicious, and the crocheted dish cloth is too pretty to use on dishes. I love all things crocheted.

    I love Pampered Chef too but never order. Everything looks so neat, especially that pitcher. So nice of your friend to give you the merchandise credit!

    That is such a precious note from a precious little girl! How nice of the little girl to let you know you were having a bad hair day, lol!

    I hope you have a great week.


  5. Hi Melanie,
    One of our favorite home made jams is Strawberry/Rhubarb...I have one jar left in the freezer - not sure why I'm not breaking it open!
    I have a few of the crocheted dish cloths but they aren't as fancy/pretty as yours. I don't think I'd want to use it right away either.
    What great items you chose and how generous of her to give you her points.
    I have a spoon-strainer but round like the one you chose but mine came from the $$'s one of my most used items in my kitchen utensils. If it breaks I now know where I can get one - a good one, although this one has been used for 7 years now and not a thing wrong with it - so maybe I won't be buying a PC one any time soon...but good to know I can get one when I need it.

    I so love what children say. They don't say it to be's just what it


  6. What sweet gifts you have received. Love the bad hair day! Nothing like kids to keep us grounded.

  7. Wow, those are really nice gifts, that jam looks very yummy. God bless that sweet little girl, I love children so much.

  8. That's what I love about losing my hair...Never a bad hair day! What kids won't say won't be said. I'm sure even your bad hair day you were stilol beautiful with the love of Jesus shining through your eyes. God bless you and yours as you share the Love of the Lord with others.

  9. Gee - was it your birthday? Just kidding - you are a lovely person and you deserve all those wonderful things. I haven't been to a Pampered Chef party in ages. They have some new things.

  10. Children keep life interesting. LOL! Those are such sweet blessings you've received lately and you deserve them. ((Hugs))

  11. The jam looks delicious and I agree the dish cloth is too pretty to use.
    That note is so precious and I can see why you would keep it up to see.
    Have a great week :)

  12. Hi Melanie...such a sweet post sharing kindness...inspiration and so much love from family and friends! Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed day!

  13. Mothers are so special, aren't they? My mom died in 1973 but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her or something sweet she did for me..and my siblings. I'd love to try some of that jam on my toast in the morning.

  14. You received some wonderful things from sweet people in your life. The jam your mother made looks delicious. My husband's favorite jam is strawberry rhubarb too! I hope you are enjoying a great week. :)

  15. The jam looks delicious and the dish cloth is very pretty!! That note is so cute, too :)
    Have a great week!

  16. good for you!! you are blessed with family and friends!

  17. Dear Friend,

    Isn't it just amazing how the little blessings in our lives each day can make us feel so special and loved. What wonderful treasures you've shared...memories that will comfort you on those "bad hair" days (which, for me, with my unruly curly hair, can be just about any day...LOL!)

    I love the pattern of the dishcloths...homemade ones are my very favorite!

    Have a lovely day, sweet friend!

  18. Happy Halloween! Hope all is well with you.

  19. What a lot of blessings! I'm so glad for you. Great idea for using the dishcloth and keeping it nice too!

    I would love to have your mom's recipe for strawberry/rhubarb jam. I think it should taste great, but the only kind we ever tried was store bought, as I recall, and not so good. If you ever have the time to post it, please let me know. :-)


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