Monday, March 18, 2013

A Good Day

Well, it all started this morning with an unexpected snow that canceled work and school.

See the pretty cardinal in the snowy branches of the tree in our front yard?  :-)

It wasn't a fancy day by any means...I didn't even leave the house. But it was a good day nonetheless. I washed some clothes and did some general housework, but mostly it was just one of those relaxing, enjoyable *bonus* days I get from time to time. 

Katie and I watched a couple episodes of MacGyver on Netflix, then she decided to clean her room, and asked me to stay with her. We looked through old cards and notebooks, and shared some laughs at some of the things she'd written in her old journals. She had a hard time going through her stuffed animals. She knew she was outgrowing them and should let them go, but she was having a hard time of it.  I told her I'd read somewhere that it was good to take a picture of the item you wanted to remember. That way you can look at the picture, but you don't actually have the item taking up needed space. She said that sounded like a good idea, and proceeded to take pictures of some of her most favorite stuffed animals. Some of them, though, just couldn't go in the Goodwill bag, and I told her that was OK, and that she might change her mind later, or decide to keep them for good.

In the end, this is what she parted with today. To us, this may just look like a few bags of odds and ends destined for Goodwill, but to one 15 year old girl, these bags hold much more.

Yes, it was a good day...just a special day with my girl.♥

Hope you all have a great week, and thanks for stopping by. :-)

Take care,


  1. Sending you love and blessings.

  2. What a GREAT day with Katie!!! And what a fantastic idea taking a picture of things. You are so smart girl. sandie

  3. Ah special moments to remember down the road. Katie is growing up into a beautiful young lady.


  4. Glad you guys had this day together like you did Melanie!! It is hard to part with childhood, but wise to take the pictures that Katie did!! She may never want to part with some of the other animals, between you and me so still has a few stuffed animals from his childhood and he's 24 :)

    glad for this most special of snow days indeed!


  5. Well, then I would say it was even more than a good day!! I've missed you, it has been quite a while! I love the look of your pretty blog today.

  6. Oh, Melanie, this sounds like a WONDERFUL day!

    Katie is a beautiful young lady!


  7. Hi Melanie. What a beautiful shot of the cardinal! It is hard to part with some of our things but it looks like your daughter did a good job :)

  8. So hard to believe she is 15! Such a beautiful young lady! Cherish these moments with her Melanie. I'm so glad you both had a special day together!

  9. Dear Melanie...thank you for your visit! It is always so nice to keep in touch! Hugs ♥ Teri

  10. So nice to hear from you, Teri! Hope you enjoy your day. Thanks for stopping by.♥

  11. Melanie, I really enjoyed reading about your day with your beautiful daughter. I love the snow pic too. How have you been ? I have missed you. I updated my blog. I hope to talk soon. Many Blessings,

  12. Melanie, you are blessed to have such a daughter who wanted you to stay and wanted to share the memories with you. I know tis difficult to part with some items - just sentimental value at times - but that is GREAT value. I remember when we first packed up our things to move to S. America and our oldest was 6 years old. She was putting dolls and toys into a bag to give away when she looked up at her Mom and said, "My hearts a-thumpin'!"

  13. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words, Melanie!

    Hope you and your family are doing well.

    Happy weekend!



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